Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg


Latitude: 49.86637, Longitude: 6.238079999999968

Information on Wikipedia (DE): [Moestroff] [Bettendorf] [Luxembourg]


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIREN, Hélène  14 May 1820Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I8368
2 BREYER, Anne Marie  22 Apr 1890Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I17922
3 BREYER, Jacques  25 Apr 1900Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I17924
4 BREYER, Marguerite  1 May 1897Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I17923
5 BREYER, Totgeburt  23 Aug 1901Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I17925
6 CLERFF, Anne Marie  3 Sep 1801Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I2113
7 OSCH, Christine Jeannette Susanne  8 Aug 1914Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I20860
8 OSCH, Henriette Anne Marie  4 Feb 1933Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I1760
9 PEFFER, Marie  4 Oct 1866Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I17921
10 SCHAAF, Johann Joseph  30 Jul 1899Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I16758
11 SCHAAF, Johann Peter  11 May 1870Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I16756
12 SCHAAF, Johann Peter  11 Mar 1902Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I16762
13 URWALD, Anna Maria  Abt 1765Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I5797
14 WAGENER, Jean  1736Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I1770
15 WELTER, Mathieu  Abt 1732Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I13710


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BREYER, Marguerite  5 Apr 1906Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I17923
2 BREYER, Philippe  28 Mar 1904Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I17920
3 BREYER, Totgeburt  23 Aug 1901Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I17925
4 STEIMES, Philippe  Bef 1782Moestroff, Bettendorf, Luxembourg I13814